Communicator Desk

The Communicator Desk is a unique and innovative product, that is designed to be practical and stylish.

The Communicator features an innovative Cable Management Frame Design that allows you to run cables through it from the base of one leg to the base of any other leg.

The glass tabletop is customisable to suit your preferences or corporate identity. You can choose from Back Painted, Low Iron, Coloured, or Clear Safety Glass.

Low Iron Glass removes the green tint from glass, allowing for a more accurate colour to be applied. You can choose to have a logo applied to your glass table through paint vinyl sandblasting, printed onto the glass or to crystal vinyl.

You can even decorate your glass after applying a logo and colour.

The Communicator Desk with its customisability, practical features and sleek, elegant look makes the perfect addition to any Office Meeting Room or Boardroom. The Communicator truly is a table built practically for Executives who work at their desk.

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