Form Home Working Desk

This glass-topped desk is the ideal companion to the modern office. Glass reflects the light, making your environment a light and bright place to work.

These contemporary Glass Desks are a popular choice amongst freelancers, and those who work from home who want a functional, yet sophisticated piece of glass office furniture.

Customise your desk by choosing the exact shape and size for your glass table top. Choose from Stainless Steel, Cherry, Walnut or Dark Wenge legs to match your home office environment.

Choose from a huge inventory of glass colours and shapes to create a Square or Rectangle glass top in a range of colours and finishes.

This contemporary glass furniture is simple to fit together too. The table legs fit into the pre-bonded grubs on the underside of the table.

These square-topped desks are designed by a British team here in the United Kingdom and conform to glass safety standards BS EN 12150-2:2004 (previously BS 6206).

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