Skyline Executive Suite

For decades the Skyline desk by Dyrlund, has graced Banks to Presidential Offices. It is an absolute favorite of Executives.

An impressive mass of 90 mm ​​table top with integrated pencil tray.
It’s a perfect complement to our Commodore cabinets.

The first photo shows the following models in Rosewood:

  • 8101B-1/8102 Super Skyline Desk w / return
  • 8904/8906/8900/2 x 8907 wall unit
  • 8497W executive chair
  • 8405 armchair w / Black Leather
  • 8405/2 2 seater sofa w / Leather Black
  • 8405/3 3 seater sofa w / Leather Black
  • 1511D coffee table
  • 1511F end table

The second photo shows the following models in Rosewood top with ash stained to black bases:

  • 8101B-1/8102 Super Skyline desk w/return
  • 8900/8906/8915 credenza
  • 8612/10 conference table
  • 8497PW executive chair w/Black Leather
  • 7 x 8594 conference table w/Black Leather

The third photo shows that used as a free standing desk, the design is just as impressive. This desk is available in two sizes, the larger desk is super skyline and the smaller desk is skyline.

Both versions are made with a very nicely detailed, lockable pencil drawer.The photo shows  the following models in ash:

  • 8101A-1 skyline desk
  • 8497W executive chair w/leather 504 Bordeaux

The fourth photo: The super skyline & skyline desks can also be delivered with aluminum base as in this photo. Matched with our universal conference tables it makes a striking impression.

The photo shows the following models in rosewood:

  • 8101b/8102-ALU super skyline desk with return
  • 7900-ALU/7905-ALU/7900-ALU/2 x 8907 wall unit
  • 8997W executive chair w/leather black and alu castors
  • 9267W visitors chair w/leather black and alu castors
  • 7820 easy chair w/leather black
  • 7820/3 3-seater sofa w/leather black
  • 8015A coffee table
  • 8712/8 super universal conference table
  • 8594 conference chair w/leather black

 This furniture is finished in the final production by hand and is available in Rosewood, Oak, Walnut, Redheart Beech or Ash, Natural or Stained.

Other woods are available upon request.


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