Social Home Coffee Table

These contemporary Glass Coffee Tables by Margolis are ideal for anyone looking for a modern twist on the old fashioned wooden coffee table.

Glass coffee tables never go out of fashion. As glass is a neutral material it will match any interior and is completely stain free.

The table is completely customisable. Choose from a range of glass table tops including Frosted, Clear and Striking Black. This round glass Coffee Table can be constructed to your specifications so it matches any interior in your home.

Select the pedestal finish from Wenge, Cherry, Stainless Steel or Walnut. There is also a spring option available.
Assembly is easy. Screw the table’s leg into the bosses pre-bonded onto the underside of the table. It literally takes minutes.

These tables are designed by a British team here in the United Kingdom. They conform to glass safety standards BS EN 12150-2:2004, previously BS 6206.

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